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wausauloner - Sun Feb 12 2012

08:25 AM #
I'm up on the overpass above Hwy 29, looking west with binoculars to see if our snow-fence patch is keeping the zombies out. So far, it is.

08:28 AM #
I just watched a zombie wander off the highway, slide into the ditch, turn toward the fence when it encountered a wrecked car, then pause...

08:31 AM #
The zombie worked its way up the opposite side of the ditch to the snow fence and turned again, just like it had at the car...A good sign.

08:51 AM #
That zombie was turned back into the ditch again by the bodies of a few zombies we stacked against the fence last night to brace it.

08:54 AM #
It followed the ditch for awhile until it hit another wreck, then got up onto the highway again. It followed it back to where it first fell.

08:57 AM #
The zombie is retracing its route, almost like it is following its own footsteps, but clearly reacting the same way to things in its path.

10:53 AM #
I've been watching that same zombie repeat its route over and over again. Its attention span isn't long enough to realize it is in a loop.