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wausauloner - Tue Feb 14 2012

08:32 AM #
The in-and-out dash to wausau's east side to pick up Ruth was uneventful. She's here and she brought four of her favorite rifles. #zombies

10:53 AM #
We're a few miles west of Wausau (in an area "cleared" of zombies last year). Ruth is sighting in several rifles for different ranges.

11:25 AM #
I continue to be amazed by how good a shot Ruth is. She's nearly 70 and the best with a 22 rifle I've ever seen. #zombies #zompocalypse

11:28 AM #
I gave her some high-capacity 25-round clips & quick-foldout bipods I salvaged from my old pal Jersey's place. She already had good scopes.

11:31 AM #
She brought four rifles, which she is sighting in at 50, 75, 150, and 200 yards. She nailed some tiny targets at 50 and 75 incredibly fast.

11:34 AM #
At 150 yards, she was challenged. At the end she hit the center circle (about the size of the solar patio lights) with over half her shots.

11:37 AM #
She's still working on getting the scope tuned right on the rifle she is planning to use for the longest shots, of about 200 yards.

11:40 AM #
We've considered using weapons & ammo that would have more range, but we don't want to attract zombie attention by making that much noise.

11:54 AM #
Ruth is succeeding at 200 yards now. About 1 in 4 shots hit the tiny target. I tried with a full clip of 25 and hit once. Damn, she's good.

01:04 PM #
We have one more task before heading back home: Drilling with the toboggan I'll be hauling Ruth around on tomorrow. #zombies #zompocalypse

06:10 PM #
Just got a mock-angry call on the CB from Sue. She wished Ruth and I luck tomorrow after teasing us about spending Valentine's Day together.

06:13 PM #
I had totally forgotten it was Valentine's Day. Apparently, it was a big deal at the Farm Colonies. That's a good sign. #zompocalypse