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wausauloner - Fri Mar 16 2012

06:51 AM #
Word of the bits of black flotsam Sue found in our blood--a sign that we carry the passive form of the zombie contagion--hasn't spread yet.

06:54 AM #
We told Pete, of course. Sue briefed her apprentices in the Farm Colonies infirmary. Now they've found the same stuff in their blood, too.

06:57 AM #
Today, their goal is to get "blood" samples from the poisoned family that wanted to be studied after their death and reanimation.

07:01 AM #
The zombies they've become are completely strapped down, blindfolded, & gagged. I hope their sacrifice provides the meaning they hoped for.

01:20 PM #
Sue's examination of the zombies' black "blood" shows a sludge that only barely resembles normal human blood. But the same flecks are in it.

01:23 PM #
Among a slurry of deteriorating red blood cells and stained plasma are many more of the bits and pieces of whatever is in our blood.

01:26 PM #
As yet, Sue has no solid theories about what she's seeing. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse