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wausauloner - Sat Mar 17 2012

09:55 AM #
No new cases in Sue's infirmary today, so she & her apprentices are discussing the black bits of flotsam they've discovered in zombie blood.

09:58 AM #
The apprentices have now tested their own blood. Like Sue and I, they have a few bits of the black foreign matter in their blood, too.

10:01 AM #
Everybody tested so far has roughly the same amount of the contaminant in their blood, a tiny fraction of the level found in zombie blood.

12:30 PM #
Angie, the medivac pilot from the Twin Cities who joined the Farm Colonies a few months ago, has been recruited for Sue's research project.

12:33 PM #
Angie has helped out in the infirmary before, but Sue wanted her in on the project for another reason: She has never been near The Anomaly.

12:36 PM #
After Sue explained what they've been investigating, Angie knew her blood needed to be tested. The result: No contamination.

12:39 PM #
Sue thinks it is likely that this means that Angie doesn't have the passive form of the zombie plague. Of course, we can't test that theory.

12:42 PM #
But if it is true, then it's likely that the passive, non-bite version of the zombie plague is not easily transmitted from person to person.