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wausauloner - Fri Mar 23 2012

07:11 AM #
The prisoner just lost it. He wasn't being tortured during questioning. He simply had an emotional breakdown. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:14 AM #
I wasn't there to see it, but the word is that he was talking about the first time he ate human flesh. He'd been alone, afraid, desperate...

07:17 AM #
...It was the end of the first winter after the zombies rose. He'd been on starvation rations when he met wandering survivors near Lomira...

07:20 AM #
They traveled together for a week, looking for supplies by day, hiding from zombies by night. They shared some dried meat with him.

07:23 AM #
He was their guide for awhile as they searched areas he knew well but couldn't travel in safely alone. Eventually, they found more survivors

07:27 AM #
The new survivors were in worse shape than he was when he was found. Some of their people had died recently. Starvation? Hopelessness? Both.

07:29 AM #
The bodies of the recent dead were wrapped in tarps & kept outside in the snow. He thought it was for later burial. But pieces were missing.

07:32 AM #
The survivors he'd been traveling with and those they'd found shared knowing glances at his reaction when he realized where the pieces went.

07:35 AM #
He said some stared at him while others looked away as he went from person to person, trying to find someone as outraged as he felt...

07:38 AM #
Finally, someone asked him, "What do you think you've been eating? Cows, pigs, even deer...they're all long gone around here." #zompocalypse

07:41 AM #
He said he vomited right there on the spot. He tried leaving the group the next day but he was too weak and the zombies were too numerous...

07:44 AM #
He stayed with them but refused to eat the meat, the only food they had. They didn't say what it was, but he knew. ...and it smelled GOOD.

07:47 AM #
They crossed paths with another small group of survivors. This group wasn't friendly. They knew. And one recognized his face. #zompocalypse

07:50 AM #
That night, after two weeks with only the barest scraps to eat, realizing he was forever branded as the cannibal he'd become...he ate.

07:53 AM #
It was telling that story that led to his breakdown. God, there must be many out there just like him. And we thought we had it bad here.

12:25 PM #
Sue and her apprentices have continued their "live" autopsies of the captured zombies. They just briefed Pete on some recent findings.

12:28 PM #
Most of them relate to what doesn't work in a zombie's body like it is supposed to in a human body--the heart and lungs, for example.

12:31 PM #
Those organs, as well as the kidneys, liver, and intestines, seem to be simply non-functioning, not-quite-decaying tissue. #zompocalypse

12:34 PM #
Decay seems to be inhibited by the black "blood" of the zombie, but the organs do begin to rot almost normally after they are removed.

12:37 PM #
The black zombie "blood" that keeps zombie bodies from decomposing naturally seems to oxidize and cease providing that effect after removal.

12:40 PM #
One organ within the "free-range" zombie was noteworthy: Its stomach. It was filled with decaying meat, along with a few human finger bones.

12:43 PM #
Some of the stomach contents had been there awhile. It was a slurry of foul material. Sue was clear: It wasn't digested. But it was ALTERED.

12:46 PM #
The stomach itself was swelled up to many times normal volume. The outside was raw, covered with a filmy sac of tissue. Sue cut into it...

12:49 PM #
The sac ruptured under her scalpel. Wisps of steam rushed out--just like when a zombie's brain is exposed. Sue saw black tendrils boil away.

12:52 PM #
With evidence evaporating before her eyes, Sue wasn't able to learn more about what she saw, but her investigation will continue. #zombies