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wausauloner - Sun Apr 01 2012

08:11 AM #
More #zombology news to report: Sue is getting an interesting list of places where wisps of steam come out of cuts in the zombies' bodies...

08:14 AM #
They include: The brain, major nerves (including within the spine), and the lymphatic system. Also: seemingly random tendrils of "growth."

08:17 AM #
I've seen the latter growing within & between anaerobically decomposing zombies. The views were brief, as exposure to air oxidized them.

08:20 AM #
Sue has now confirmed that the same strange black filigree exists within all the zombies' bodies. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse #zombology

12:22 PM #
Sue thinks the zombie contagion's takeover of a dead body's nervous and lymphatic systems may have separate functions. #zombology #zombies

12:25 PM #
She says the hijacked networks don't cross or connect, but tracking smaller lines to trunk lines eventually lead to the brain in both cases.

12:28 PM #
The lymph nodes near a zombie's mouth, however, are larger than they should be. Sue has a theory that will be dangerous to investigate...

12:31 PM #
She is having a zombie's head and jaws immobilized with wire. Once she is sure a bite is impossible, she's going to "autopsy" the mouth.