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wausauloner - Mon Apr 02 2012

06:42 AM #
No zombie head autopsy today--I'm not satisfied with the way Sue has immobilized the jaws. I'm worried the wires and armature aren't enough.

06:45 AM #
It's not that the zombie can bite the way it is now; It's the danger of parts of the mouth working free once the autopsy takes it apart...

06:48 AM #
Unlike a human, a zombie doesn't feel pain. If the jaw breaks, and only part of it remains wired fast, pain won't stop the rest from moving.

06:51 AM #
I've seen zombies trapped in cars with no flesh around the bones...ground away where they continuously tried to reach thru a broken window.

07:03 AM #
.@mattress Severing the jaw would render any zombie organism infiltrations that went into it inert as soon as it was disconnected.

07:06 AM #
.@mattress By cutting into the jaw of a "live" zombie, Sue hopes to find things that are there only when the dead flesh is animate.

09:05 AM #
I think I've come up with a way to make Sue's autopsy of the zombie's mouth area more safe. I've already reinforced the wiring and headgear.

09:08 AM #
Now I'm going to use some concrete (leftover from the fencepost holes of the recent fence repairs). I'm filling its mouth & throat with it.

09:11 AM #
Once it sets, there's no way any part of the zombie's jaw can move freely, even after Sue starts cutting through bones #zombie #zompocalypse

01:21 PM #
May was here for another checkup. She's got about 2-3 weeks left before she delivers. Sue says everything looks good.