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wausauloner - Wed Apr 04 2012

07:31 AM #
No zombie autopsy today--Sue is busy with the expectant mother she put on bed rest last week. Mother and unborn baby are both in distress.

07:34 AM #
I'm going to head out with a hunter-killer crew to clear out some zombies north of Mosinee. Going to swing by my place and check the fence.

09:28 AM #
The fence repairs seem to be holding. It may be stronger now than it was before the zombies knocked over the original chain link.

04:12 PM #
Back at the Farm Colonies. Sue says the woman in her infirmary lost her baby. Stillborn. She doesn't know why. And there's a bigger mystery:

04:15 PM #
The mother's blood tested positive for the Z-factor. The baby's, however, did not. Thankfully, it did not reanimate. #zombies #zompocalypse