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wausauloner - Sat Apr 07 2012

06:09 AM #
Sue has begun her autopsy of the zombie's severed head. With no lower jaw, there's no danger of a bite. Still, she's being very careful.

07:30 AM #
Sue has pulled all the zombie's teeth. The black filaments were wrapped around the roots, just like on the lower jaw. #zompocalypse

08:24 AM #
Sue found a soft, spongy mass behind what was left of the zombie's decayed nose. It's like a separate organ. She's trying to remove it.

08:41 AM #
What's left of the "organ" behind the zombie's nose (most of it oxidized into steam when it was exposed) looks a little like mushroom flesh.

09:24 AM #
Sue is taking a close look at the zombie's eyes now. They're cloudy, like most of the less-than-fresh zombies we encounter. #zompocalypse

09:28 AM #
We've always wondered about the zombies''d think decay would make their eyes useless quickly, but they seem to see just fine.

09:56 AM #
Sue cut out one of the zombie's eyes. Entwined with the optic nerve was another tendril of the black infiltration we keep finding. #zombies

09:59 AM #
The tendril dissolved upon contact with the air, leaving a hole at the back of the eyeball from which black bubbles hissed--more oxidation.

10:01 AM #
Sue cut open the zombie's eyeball quickly to get a glimpse of what was inside. Too late...only a thin sac of alien tissue remained.

10:41 AM #
Sue has placed the zombie's head in a large wash bin full of clear water. She is going to conduct the rest of the autopsy underwater.

10:44 AM #
She's hoping to slow the oxidation of the black filigrees and other growths the zombie contagion exhibits as she exposes them to view.

11:14 AM #
The zombie's second eye came out cleanly. It's working--the black filaments are oxidizing more slowly than if they were in the open air.

11:17 AM #
Underneath the water, Sue sliced open the zombie's second eye. Another small mushroom-like growth lined the back of the eyeball, like a cup.

11:32 AM #
The water has become cloudy quickly. Sue is having it changed before she cuts into the zombie's ears. She expects to find more alien organs.

11:54 AM #
Sue was right: A small, mushroom-like organ was right behind the eardrum in each ear. There's more to the zombie organism than we thought.

11:56 AM #
It appears that whatever turns a dead human body into an animated corpse also adds replacement sensory organs to see, smell, and hear prey.

01:02 PM #
Despite every precaution, the zombie's brain quickly boiled away when Sue breached the skull. Nothing survived to be examined. #zompocalypse

01:05 PM #
It would appear that the co-opted brain of the corpse is more vulnerable to exposure to oxygen than the sensory organs. #zombie #zombies

01:08 PM #
It may stymie our curiosity, but it shows why--fortunately for us--the damned things are so vulnerable to any trauma that breaks the skull.