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wausauloner - Mon Apr 09 2012

05:56 AM #
Heading out for another anti-zombie sweep out west. It's slow going because we're watching for Reapers, too, and keeping a low profile.

05:59 AM #
Having been deep in Rapture's Reapers territory (and, luckily, back out again alive), I'm going along mostly to look for signs they're back.

06:03 AM #
We expect them to be back from their winter grounds down south any time now. We fear this may be the year they try to take us on directly.

01:04 PM #
Our patrol ended when we found a campsite where two zombies were trapped in a tent. From the look of things, they'd been in there awhile...

01:06 PM #
We took them out, then found a big load of supplies in a truck parked outside. We couldn't get it to start, so we emptied it and came back.

02:41 PM #
I'm helping Shawn and Tina load up the Millennium Mallard. They're taking the zompocalypse-modded duck on a trip tomorrow. #zombie #zombies

02:44 PM #
We're deep enough into spring to make travel safer (at least as far as the weather is concerned). They're going out on a diplomatic mission.

02:47 PM #
They're being joined by a couple of Pete's advisors, heading NE to expand our alliance to Shawn & Tina's original group and beyond. #zombies

02:50 PM #
I'd like to go along, but with May's baby due soon, I'll be watching their place while she and Kurt are here at the Colonies for delivery.