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wausauloner - Tue Apr 10 2012

07:11 AM #
Sue's attempts to examine un-oxidized samples of the strange organs and fluids in the zombies' bodies have been frustratingly unsuccessful.

07:14 AM #
There are two problems: 1) Getting an uncontaminated sample out of the zombie, and 2) Getting a good look at it under the microscope.

07:17 AM #
She says the first problem would have been easy to solve with standard biopsy techniques and modern scanning equipment, pre-zompocalypse.

07:19 AM #
Similarly, the second problem could be solved with a microscope that took digital images of the strange matter in zombie bodily fluids.

07:23 AM #
As it is, she's only managed to get fleeting glimpses of visibly dissolving small shapes moving in and out of focus in the fluid. #zombies

12:32 PM #
Pete and I have been going over all the reports from the Farm Colonies' outlying outposts and anti-zombie patrols. Still no sign of Reapers.

12:36 PM #
We're both concerned. The Reapers aren't shy about claiming territory with their obscene shrines. We should have at least seen scouts by now

02:24 PM #
I'm helping Sue prep a spare room for Kurt and May. They're coming here tomorrow for the last weeks of her pregnancy.

02:27 PM #
It is normal for Sue to insist expectant mothers stay close when their delivery is near. She also wants the baby born far from The Anomaly.

02:30 PM #
She's hoping to convince Kurt & May to stay out here permanently, once their baby is born, to keep the child from contracting the Z-Factor.