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wausauloner - Thu Apr 12 2012

07:20 AM #
I'm back in my fortified home after several weeks out in the Farm Colonies. Sue is over at Kurt and May's, monitoring May's pregnancy.

07:24 AM #
Kurt has done a good job keeping my anti-zombie defenses in good shape, tending my sprouting plants, and generally watching over things.

07:26 AM #
Soon, it will be my turn to return the favor. He and May are going to be quite busy when their little one arrives! #zombies #zompocalypse

01:27 PM #
Kurt and May live across the highway and a bit north of here. There are a lot fewer zombies around and between our homes than before.

01:30 PM #
Still, the highway itself is proving very hard to keep clear of undead. The safest route between our homes is to loop around Mosinee Hill.