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wausauloner - Fri Apr 27 2012

06:54 AM #
I came back from my morning anti-zombie patrol to find my salvaged Marathon County Sheriff's department radio buzzing with traffic...

06:57 AM #
I'm piecing together what happened. It sounds like the lead elements of Pete's radio relay team got in a firefight with an unknown group.

07:01 AM #
Whoever it was broke contact quickly and got away. Nobody was hurt on our side. No blood was found where fire was returned, either.

07:45 AM #
Radio chatter has calmed down. No more reports of survivor on survivor violence--just some cleanup work on zombies attracted by the noise.

09:14 AM #
I told Kurt what is going on out east, but not May. In her state, she shouldn't be worrying about Shawn, Tina, and reports of conflict.

02:11 PM #
Pete's radio relay team is in place. They're all listening, watching, and waiting. Only now, not just for the missing Millennium Mallard.