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wausauloner - Sat Apr 28 2012

07:58 AM #
May walked to the bathroom & back this morning. She's doing better every day. Baby Ava is eating well. She's already gained a couple ounces.

02:58 PM #
Radio reports from out east suggest there's been a lot of traffic on some roads: weeds growing up through cracks in the roads are smashed.

03:01 PM #
It's the kind of thing that is caused by rare vehicle traffic--not wandering zombies. It's mostly on multiple north-south routes.

03:04 PM #
Since the signs are on multiple roads, it's not likely to be a trail left by Shawn and the others in the Millennium Mallard. #zompocalypse

03:07 PM #
After the encounter the Amherst Enclave had with scouts from the Cannibal Gangs, most are theorizing the trails are those of more eaters.