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wausauloner - Mon May 21 2012

07:05 AM #
I'm getting away from the politics today. The discussions about getting involved with the Reaper/Cannibal war are going in circles. #zombies

07:08 AM #
So I left the Farm Colonies this morning and I'm spending the day around my home, doing some overdue work in my gardens. #zompocalypse

09:08 AM #
Things are in pretty good shape around here. Kurt has been doing a very good job covering my chores and keeping the zombie count down.

09:11 AM #
It seems Kurt and I have been trading off doing each others' work around our respective homes lately. It's good to have trusted friends.

03:03 PM #
Shorty spooked a wild turkey. It's a good sign that some wildlife is coming back to this area as the zombie numbers decrease. #zompocalypse