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wausauloner - Mon Jun 18 2012

07:03 AM #
Ruth, Shorty, & I are holed up in a home at the far end of a block adjacent to her safe zone. Four zombies came around a corner and saw us.

07:06 AM #
Shorty's nose gave us enough warning to get in here before the zombies got close. They're milling around outside, not sure where we went.

07:09 AM #
We're giving the zombies time to scatter so they're easier to deal with. We're also waiting to make sure they're not part of a larger horde.

09:02 AM #
I plinked one of the zombies in the street with an arrow from an upstairs window, then took out the others as they showed up to investigate.

09:04 AM #
There's no sign of any larger horde. It looks like these zombies just happened to be clustered together. #zombie #apocalypse #zompocalypse

01:57 PM #
Quite a storm just went through this part of #Wausau. I used the noise cover to nail some doors shut as we clear this block of zombies.