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wausauloner - Sat Jun 23 2012

06:48 AM #
Finishing the street barricades will have to wait: Overnight, at least 2 vehicles left marks in a tar line on the east side. We're on alert.

06:51 AM #
Shorty, Ruth, and I will creep around in my hybrid Tahoe on battery power, watching, listening, and sniffing the air for signs of visitors.

06:54 AM #
Shorty is doing most of the sniffing, tho Ruth or I might pick out the scent of wood smoke or cooking. Right now, all I smell is the dead.

09:15 AM #
We're in a part of Wausau that burned out back in the first hours after the zombies rose. Nature has had two years to reclaim the area...

09:18 AM #
Weeds, grasses, scrub brush, and some tall saplings have sprouted up everywhere, even in the black, skeletal remains of burned homes...

09:21 AM #
Shorty is paying special attention to a particularly thick area of tall new growth where a narrow path is evident. #zombies #apocalypse

09:32 AM #
It wasn't zombie tracks or sign of the humans we're looking for. It's a deer trail. I guess nature really is taking over this part of Wausau

12:13 PM #
Other searchers have found the people our tar trap detected. The CB net is abuzz: They're fat. That's rare these days. #zombie #zompocalypse

12:16 PM #
Speculation is running amok about the new detainees, who are being taken to the Eau Claire Dells park quarantine area for debriefing.

12:19 PM #
You can probably guess what everyone is saying about these overweight visitors from the east: Are they Cannibal Gang bosses? #zompocalypse

04:17 PM #
I got a look at the new detainees. Reports were exaggerated: only 2 are truly overweight, but all 6 of the men are clearly well-fed.

04:20 PM #
One man is wounded in the arm, having taken a bullet when he drew on our patrol. This group isn't talking at all. #zombies #zompocalypse