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wausauloner - Tue Jul 03 2012

06:37 AM #
Guard duty at the house the Cannibals are holed up in made me antsy, so I've been working on keeping the area zombie-free with Jason & Kurt.

06:40 AM #
We've been busy patrolling since dawn, trying to finish before the heat becomes unbearable again. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

06:43 AM #
The relentless heat has made the stench of dead flesh that overhangs Wausau really bad. I've been wearing a cloth over my mouth and nose.

09:54 AM #
We're using the heat to our advantage in our negotiations with the Cannibals: We're offering water in exchange for their surrender. #zombies

09:57 AM #
They had to have some water on them or they'd already have been forced to give up. Regardless, this can't go on forever. #zombie #apocalypse

09:59 AM #
Frankly, I wonder what they're waiting for. I guess they're hoping we'll have unforeseen zombie problems that will make us leave. #zombies

05:45 PM #
The Cannibals still haven't given up. Meanwhile, we've been clearing out zombies from the site of the Cannibals' firefight with the Reapers.

05:48 PM #
Their battle attracted quite a horde. Tomorrow, we'll finish off any stragglers, prep the bodies for burning, & search the gear left behind.