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wausauloner - Sun Jul 08 2012

06:32 AM #
The trial has resumed with Pete making clear what's at stake: "It's not just about punishing wrongdoers. It's about rebuilding a society."

06:35 AM #
Those who want the steam mechanics' lives spared so they can work for us, whether they're guilty or not, took that statement differently.

06:38 AM #
Pete is calling them out: "So you want us to conscript them into servitude ourselves? No, we cannot compound their crimes with our own."

06:41 AM #
"Justice cannot be beholden to goals other than justice itself. If we are to rebuild this world, it won't be on a foundation of injustice."

06:44 AM #
There is a buzz of agreement among the crowd observing the trial. Pete's words have taken hold. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

08:55 AM #
This trial is taking more time than expected. There is no clear evidence of guilt or innocence. What witness testimony we have is incomplete

10:15 AM #
Pete has asked the defendants what they will do if they are released. "Banishment" is whispered in the gallery. There's a danger in that...

10:18 AM #
Because while those on trial were kept from seeing much of The Farm Colonies' defenses, any info that gets out could come back to harm us.

01:11 PM #
The trial is almost over. The results are in the jury's hands now. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

04:21 PM #
The jury's verdicts are in. For the two second-tier leaders: Death. For their assistants: one banished, one death. Same for the mechanics.

04:24 PM #
The second-tier bosses were judged to have participated in organized murder for purposes of cannibalism & forcing others to eat human flesh.

04:27 PM #
The two others sentenced to death were judged to have profited from their positions within the Cannibal Gangs as others suffered. #zombies

04:30 PM #
The jury foreman stated the two merely being banished were saved due to merciful acts described by witnesses. "They deserve a 2nd chance."