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wausauloner - Thu Jul 26 2012

06:26 AM #
How do we make a road impassable? Simply blocking it isn't enough. Most survivors who travel use a vehicle with a winch to move wrecks.

06:29 AM #
Most of the time, we pick a spot where there's a bridge. We undermine the foundation on one side or cut thru some supports to take it down.

06:32 AM #
Sometimes, all we can do is dig up the pavement with a backhoe & make a wide, deep ditch. It has to be big so it can't be filled in easily.

06:35 AM #
We leave messages painted on the roads directing travelers to the nearest intact (and guarded) road into our territory. #zombie #apocalypse

12:23 PM #
Sometimes we pick a spot to wreck a road because it is visible (from our side) from far away. Daily patrols will be checking on each site.

12:26 PM #
Other site criteria include nearby shelter (on both sides) and nearby billboards or structures with large walls (for messages in winter).