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wausauloner - Thu Aug 02 2012

07:27 AM #
My road-blocking duties are done. Today, I'm up on Rib Mountain with the comm crew, making sure everything is ready for Pete's broadcast...

07:30 AM #
The comm crew has become quite good at listening in on the HAM radios we've salvaged. For the last few weeks, they've had another task...

07:33 AM #
They've been charting all the frequencies Anon & his Reapers have been using to broadcast the cult's foul propaganda. But that's not all...

07:36 AM #
They've also been sending out brief clicks on specific frequencies. They're alert signals to other survivor groups we know are out there.

07:39 AM #
Back in 2010, one year after the zombies rose, I met several survivor groups during a loop I made around the state after the first frost...

07:42 AM #
On the same trip, I learned of the existence of the Cannibal Gangs & the Rapture's Reapers cult. I barely made it back alive. #zompocalypse

07:45 AM #
Back then, we knew it wasn't safe to broadcast openly to one another. It still won't be for most of the people I met. But us? We have to.

10:45 AM #
There's concern up here on Rib. The Hum--an oscillating tone from The Anomaly that migrates up & down the radio spectrum--is getting louder.

10:48 AM #
The Hum waxes and wanes as The Anomaly does in the sky nearby. We don't completely understand it or how it is related to the zombie plague.

10:51 AM #
The Anomaly is some kind of weakness between worlds that lets my tweets out to other Earths. We think it brought the zombie plague here.

10:54 AM #
We know less about The Hum. We do know that it will drown out any broadcast on a nearby frequency. Our plan is on hold until it fades.

06:54 PM #
The Hum is quite loud tonight. It's bleeding across a large range of frequencies. Even Anon has given up his nightly broadcast of bile.