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wausauloner - Fri Aug 31 2012

05:48 AM #
Slept fully clothed with my weapons handy--just in case. I half thought the Reapers would attack overnight. Morning patrols are already out.

05:51 AM #
I'm not involved with the search because I'm sticking by Pete's side. He's the target. As he is staying inside the comm center, I can tweet.

05:54 AM #
Kurt and May are in their home or in the blind on Mosinee Hill today. Sue and her apprentices have appropriated my home as a med center.

05:57 AM #
She's there because my place is probably outside of the attack area and has all the resources (electricity, fresh water) she might need.

06:01 AM #
A small ready-reaction force is there in the event any Reapers try to come up I39. One of several mobile reserve groups ready, just in case.

06:03 AM #
Young Jason, who had a run-in with the Reapers last fall, is around here somewhere, freelancing as usual. #zombie #apocalypse #zompocalypse

06:06 AM #
The slopes of Rib Mt. are crawling with our patrols, some using well-trained dogs to sniff out the Reapers. Guard posts are manned. #zombies

07:31 AM #
The overnight patrols reported more zombie activity than usual below the hill, probably attracted by all the patrols themselves. #zombies

08:13 AM #
Radio report from the old Rib Mt. State Park observation tower, where multiple telescopes are manned: some birds spooked on the south slope.

08:16 AM #
False alarm. It was one of our patrols that startled the birds. Everyone's a little jumpy, hyper-alert. I can't blame them. #zombie #zombies

10:11 AM #
Oh no... Reports from several border forts on the southern and southeast frontiers: Vehicles in sight. Reaper zombie wagons among them.

10:14 AM #
They showed up all at once at every gate, it sounds like they may be gathering their forces, ready to try the defenses. #zompocalypse

10:37 AM #
Now we're getting reports of Reapers on minibikes & horses trying routes near the S & SE main gates, roads we severed by destroying bridges.

10:40 AM #
The command center up here on Rib is busy sorting out reports coming in on the secure radio network. Wait... some shots have been fired.

10:43 AM #
Some of the Reapers on minibikes & horses have been shot up. The large Reaper columns have not moved forward. Our forts are quiet, waiting.

10:46 AM #
It's beginning to look like Pete was wise not to strip the borders to defend Rib Mt from the infiltrators. Is the real fight at the border?

11:34 AM #
The main Reaper elements are not moving forward. Fixing our defenders? Skirmishes and potshots keep happening at the blocked roads. Probes?

12:02 PM #
Before deploying reserves, Pete has asked the border forts to get some scouts out. He wants to know how many Reapers are over the horizon.

01:08 PM #
The scouts can't get clear of the border forts. Long-range rifle fire homes in before they can get away. Some are trying looping routes.

01:58 PM #
The scouts at the border are still trying to gather intel. Pete has the reserves ready to move out if they see any large Reaper group.

02:01 PM #
He says that if the scouts don't get him confirmation one way or the other soon, he'll have to assume the border is in jeopardy.

02:55 PM #
It sounds like our scouts were discovered. They're being shot up bad. The damned Reapers were ready for them, watching. #zompocalypse

03:01 PM #
Pete has made the call. Our reserves head to the border forts within the hour, traveling before sundown, reinforcing the forts at first dark

04:15 PM #
The main Reaper forces still stand just outside of effective rifle range at the border forts. Do they plan to attack at night? At dawn?

04:31 PM #
Amid all the reports of Reapers at the borders, we're still trying to find two infiltration/assassination teams up here on Rib Mt...No luck.

04:48 PM #
Anon is broadcasting via HAM early tonight. He says his forces eliminated the final resistance in Waupun yesterday. This time I believe him.

04:51 PM #
Anon's taunts are all over the place tonight. He says his Reapers will defeat more enemies by morning. I guess he means us. #zompocalypse

05:01 PM #
...a faint HAM radio signal: "...token force...zombie wagons...empty...decoy." Anon's signal came on that frequency, overwhelming it...

05:04 PM #
The voice sounded like Kurt's father, breaking the radio silence that keeps the Amherst enclave safe, their countryside location unknown...

05:07 PM #
Pete thinks that radio call is genuine. I agree. He has recalled the reserves. They may just make it back before dark.

05:35 PM #
The full moon is coming up. If all the rest has been a ruse, we can expect an attack here at our base atop Rib Mt. any minute now.

05:43 PM #
The observation tower reports a house on fire northeast of Rib Mt...No, two fires. about a block apart. Now three! Another diversion?

05:46 PM #
No wind...The fires still might spread...we've had so little rain...they could sweep through the city if they jump the highway!

05:49 PM #
We have a salvaged highway tree-watering tanker truck...Pete is sending it out with a strong escort. Zombies will be there, maybe Reapers.

05:52 PM #
The fires have to be another diversion, meant to deplete our forces and distract us while the infiltration teams attack. #zompocalypse

06:05 PM #
Some static on a patrol radio a gurgle...more static...silence. Gunshots on the north slope. Sounds like a 30-06.

06:08 PM #
Now there are fires on the ski slopes. Radio call says flaming arrows are coming from near the ski chalet. Patrols are vectoring in...

06:20 PM #
We got two of them! Two Reapers down, caught when one lit a flaming arrow. People stamping out the fires are still being shot at...

06:28 PM #
Unknown number of Reaper shooters pinned down below the state park amphitheater. Too close. Just one fire on the ski slopes still burns...

06:31 PM #
Jason just arrived, out of breath...he says bushes are moving on the south slope. Bushes? It's gotta be Reapers in ghillie suits...

06:34 PM #
Several patrols aren't answering their radios now. Some are in firefights on the north slope. At least two are on the south slope...were...

06:41 PM #
A rear guard has moved to face south from hidden won't be long. The assassins will strike while the other firefights continue...

06:44 PM #
Lights are staying on in here. We want the Reapers to think we don't know they're expected...I'm on a floodlight switch...waiting...

06:57 PM #
We got 'em! At the first shot outside, I hit the floods. Four ghillie-suited Reapers were caught in the light and cut down by massed fire...

07:00 PM #
Radio calls say two Reapers were killed in the rock piles under the amphitheater. That's all of them! #zombie #apocalypse #zompocalypse

07:07 PM #
Could it all be over? Pete is having every border patrol, fort, and solo hide check in. ...I just noticed...nobody is on the HAM radios now.

07:13 PM #
No big assault at any frontier fort. The Hwy 29 fort at the eastern gate reports hearing a minibike moving fast north of their position.

07:16 PM #
They say the minibike was going too recklessly fast to catch in the dark, but we should be able to handle one overzealous Reaper.

07:27 PM #
Pete is beginning his nightly radio address on the HAM freqs. He's explaining why he was late. Anon will be irate--all his attacks failed!

07:30 PM #
Ruth called in, hearing a distant high-pitched motor south of her home on Wausau's east side. Another minibike? Too soon to be the same one.

07:32 PM #
Well, the Reaper attack was bound to have some elements less coordinated with others. Our reserve has returned so we can handle a few bikes.

07:35 PM #
Getting some air, staring at the moon. It looks like the fires are out. I hear the tanker truck returning. No...too high-pitched...A PLANE!

07:51 PM #