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wausauloner - Wed Sep 12 2012

06:32 AM #
One positive that came out of the Reaper attack: it has accelerated the "clearance" of many who recently joined us from outside our borders.

06:35 AM #
After the attack on our comm center atop Rib Mountain, the Reaper defectors being held there could have cut and run. But they didn't...

06:38 AM #
...Instead, they risked their lives helping others who were trapped in the fire. Other recent arrivals volunteered to fight in the aftermath

06:41 AM #
While Pete still wants quarantine procedures in place, he's less worried about Reaper fifth column attacks now than before. #zompocalypse

11:34 AM #
It sounds like the Reapers have abandoned some of their sieges of Cannibal Gang strongholds in order to finish off others. #zompocalypse

11:37 AM #
This news is reliable. It came from the team Pete sent to make contact with our allies in Bear Creek. They've been shadowing a Reaper unit.