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wausauloner - Wed Sep 26 2012

11:10 AM #
With the recent overnight frosts, most of our crops are done. Pete made sure I re-allocated some work crews to preservation & storage duties

11:13 AM #
Some frost-resistant crops will be tended for awhile yet, as will plants in our expanding greenhouses. We have more survivors to feed now.

11:16 AM #
Basement "greenhouses" are being restocked with fresh soil so we can all get a few fresh veggies over the winter. Dried food gets boring.

03:21 PM #
Sue still won't let Pete leave his bed. He's not allowed to do radio broadcasts, and visitors are still forbidden. So I'm still stuck.

03:42 PM #
I'm working with the Fort NTC leadership council to plan tonight's HAM radio broadcast. They've picked up the slack during Pete's recovery

03:45 PM #
Pete may be flat on his back, but he has some thoughts about how to attract more allies...and insights into Anon's recent broadcasts.

08:52 PM #
Pete was right: With a little goading, Anon started talking about his Reaper cult's military conquests. Though cagey, he gave away some info

08:55 PM #
It wasn't WHAT Anon was saying that was interesting. It was WHO he was talking about. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

08:58 PM #
Pete is pretty sure Anon telegraphs his attacks with propaganda first. Tonight, Anon talked about enemies in St. Louis--far from here.

09:01 PM #
What does this mean? It means Anon's Reapers plan to head back south to their winter stomping grounds. We can relax a little if that's true.

09:04 PM #
If the Reapers leave the area, travel will be safer. We can spend less time defending ourselves from them, more time clearing zombies.