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wausauloner - Fri Oct 12 2012

08:18 AM #
My diplomatic convoy will take me far beyond the range of my Blackberry's ability to send signals through the anomaly to your world...

08:21 AM #
...So to keep tweeting, I'm making up several sealed buckets that will generate mini-anomalies that can be used at cell phone tower sites.

08:24 AM #
It's grizzly business, packing still-animate zombie heads into the 5-gallon pails along with enough rotting flesh to fill them up full...

08:27 AM #
After anaerobic decomposition begins inside the sealed pails, the zombie brains will grow a veiny web of interconnecting black filigree...

08:30 AM #
As they network, they form a weakness between worlds, a smaller, short-ranged effect similar to the way the primary Anomaly in Wausau works.

08:33 AM #
It only works if I'm at a site where there's a working cell phone tower on the other side of wherever my tweets go. That would be YOUR world

08:36 AM #
While we try to stop new primary anomalies from forming and spreading the zombie plague, we don't think these mini-anomalies are a risk.

12:56 PM #
All the mini-anomaly pails are sealed with foul cargo. This is more than just about tweeting to other worlds. They're a way to report back.

12:59 PM #
As I tweet out to your world, our people in the automated DARPA station on Mosinee Hill will see those tweets too, courtesy of the Anomaly.

01:02 PM #
It all makes my head hurt just thinking about it. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:02 PM #
No HAM broadcast from Anon tonight. Pete was on for awhile, but for the most part the Fort NTC leadership was on the mike. #zompocalypse