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wausauloner - Sun Oct 14 2012

07:51 AM #
We're off! Our 1st stop: a former survivor base NE of Amherst. Our allies in the Amherst Enclave recently abandoned it to attacking Reapers.

07:54 AM #
We're accompanied by a work crew on this first leg. They're going to clean up some of the mess the Reapers made & salvage whatever is left.

07:57 AM #
We'll soon be out of range of The Anomaly and its ability to leak my tweets to other worlds, so expect less regular updates... #zompocalypse

08:01 AM #
...Instead, there will be bursts of tweets during this trip as we find cell tower sites where a mini-anomaly will work. Daily, at least.

08:03 AM #
Early on, it will be easy as we will be traveling near pre-scouted cell tower sites. Some already have mini-anomaly buckets buried nearby.

04:10 PM #
We've made camp for the night at the old Amherst Enclave. I'm at a nearby cell tower site that has an analog in your world. #zompocalypse

04:13 PM #
The Reapers really did a number on the place. They dismantled most everything. They burned what they didn't take, probably to intimidate us.

04:16 PM #
One thing we're certain of: the zombies they left behind were making a statement meant for us. It was a gory, unholy display. #zompocalypse

04:19 PM #
It was like a sick art installation--still animate zombie bodies posed on T-bars and barbed wire in an approximation of The Last Supper...

04:22 PM #
Unlike their crossroads shrines, this ugly display was left here for US. This place is too hard to find for there to be any other motivation

04:25 PM #
Kurt saw the "art" yesterday but it was too late for him to dismantle it. It's a good thing: We spotted suspicious wires amidst the armature

04:28 PM #
The wires ran between two larger zombies and were connected to T-bars that nearly touched. Paint was scraped away from them, tipping us off.

04:31 PM #
We made sure the T-bars wouldn't touch, spiked the zombies, snipped the wires, & traced the paths of the wires into the dead things' chests

04:34 PM #
The chest cavities of both zombies had been hollowed out while they were still animate. Inside one was a car battery. The other held an IED.

04:37 PM #
The explosives were inside a big sack of charred nails, probably pulled from the rubble here. It was a design meant to kill us "unbelievers"