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wausauloner - Thu Nov 15 2012

08:32 AM #
After another day with no sign of the nuclear techs and no reply from Homeland Security, Captain Dent is still stubbornly on station...

08:35 AM #
He says that since he's already waited 3 years to get Point Beach up and running again, what are a few days? #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:38 AM #
I'm meeting envoys from a survivor group from the U.P. later this morning. First, another chapter in the Mackinac Island story...

08:41 AM #
When I left off yesterday, I was about to tell you what happened with those two freighters. They were anchored off the north shore.

08:44 AM #
The Mackinac Island survivors decided to salvage the bunker fuel the freighters had in their tanks to supply their growing fishing fleet.

08:47 AM #
They also moved tons of coal to the island, planning ahead for future winters. It was hard work, taking it out bucket by bucket by hand.

08:50 AM #
Eventually, daily runs to the ships ceased. The islanders had many other pressing matters to deal with, like finding food, building defenses

08:53 AM #
So, when visitors to their island asked if they could share in the cargo still left aboard, the Mackinac Island survivors agreed.

08:56 AM #
They checked in a couple times as their visitors, who said they were from the U.P., started moving a few boatloads of coal per day...

08:59 AM #
Then, one day, the visitors--and the coal freighter--were gone. A fishing boat saw it heading east, away from the U.P. #zompocalypse

09:02 AM #
The Mackinac Islanders decided not to make an issue of the theft. If they had, they might have avoided the next challenge they faced.

04:30 PM #
The envoys I met with today are from a small survivor enclave hiding out in St. Ignace. Just 21 people, all told, though there were more.

04:33 PM #
It's amazing...they had avoided contact with other survivors in the area but they heard our HAM radio broadcasts and decided to reach out.

04:36 PM #
It is really encouraging to me that Pete's words are bringing hope to people. We won't let the zombies--or predatory survivors--beat us.