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wausauloner - Fri Nov 16 2012

10:36 AM #
Dent's vigil continues, so my story of what happened on Mackinac Island since the zombies rose will, too. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:39 AM #
When I left off yesterday, I had just described how the Mackinac Island survivors' generosity was taken advantage of by another group.

10:42 AM #
Those who did the taking must have decided that Mackinac Island could be bullied. They came back a couple months later offering a "deal."

10:46 AM #
It was the kind of deal they couldn't refuse. The new arrivals offered the "protection" of an occupying force of hardened fighters.

10:48 AM #
It was a bloodless takeover, but a takeover nonetheless. Some of the islanders, still fearful of the zombies, even welcomed the newcomers.

10:51 AM #
As it turned out, zombies became a serious problem the following winter when the ice came in. The island was continuously under slow siege.

10:54 AM #
Radio call just came in... Dent has found the boat that went missing when the rogue military men escaped last week.

10:57 AM #
It was ashore in Thunder Bay, empty of fuel and abandoned. The mutineers got much farther than we expected. They could be anywhere now.