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wausauloner - Sun Nov 18 2012

10:50 AM #
By the third winter after the zombies rose, the inhabitants on Mackinac Island were beginning to feel more secure, if not totally safe.

10:53 AM #
They had gotten used to dealing with a few zombies washing up on shore, and they'd socked away enough fish to keep from starving...

10:56 AM #
Those that remained from the original 600 locals on the island were less than half of the 800 or so survivors on the island by that time...

10:59 AM #
There were more than 10,000 survivors on Mackinac, briefly, at peak, before those first early outbreaks of the zombie plague on the island.

11:02 AM #
Unfortunately, the next group to arrive brought a new hazard: Influenza. It swept through the island's population. Nearly everyone got sick.

11:05 AM #
In ordinary times, it might not have killed anyone. But with malnourishment and no medical care to speak of, almost a hundred people died...

11:08 AM #
Worse, the flu rendered most of the island's inhabitants incapable of fighting zombies. The trickle that washed ashore became a problem...

11:11 AM #
Or it would have been, had not a new force arrived to counter them: a Coast Guard cutter manned by a group of soldiers from Detroit.

11:14 AM #
Yes, they were the ones who turned Mackinac Island into a nest of pirates. I'll explain how it went down tomorrow. Time for another meeting.