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wausauloner - Wed Nov 21 2012

08:44 AM #
The distant signal Dent's radioman heard was detected again last night. We got some bearings. The source is at the mouth of Georgian Bay.

08:47 AM #
Because it was on an assigned Homeland Security frequency, Dent is taking a few boats on an expedition to check it out. #zompocalypse

08:50 AM #
Time for a little more detail on the current situation with the Mackinac Island survivors. I made a breakthrough in negotiations yesterday.

08:53 AM #
The island has formed a new leadership council. They've agreed to host trials for the prisoners we took while defending Point Beach. #zombie

08:56 AM #
Most of the testimony against the POWs will be given by the remaining survivors on Mackinac Island. They are regaining their swagger.

08:59 AM #
They're dealing with a lot of guilt, too. Even those that didn't participate in the raids benefited at least a little from their results.

09:02 AM #
I hope working through the trials will help everyone move on. And I'm still holding out hope of bringing Mackinac Island into our alliance.

09:05 AM #
I'm off to work on details for the trials. The first prisoners will be transferred to Mackinac Island from Point Beach later today. #zombies