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wausauloner - Mon Nov 26 2012

10:56 AM #
Dent's medic let me spend time with the nuclear techs this morning. There were two of them, along with one remaining member of their escort.

10:59 AM #
Their journey from out east started out OK. They had a large escort & well-scouted routes north into Canada. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

11:02 AM #
Though the St. Lawrence Seaway locks weren't navigable, they wanted to avoid heavily populated areas and use waterways as much as possible.

11:05 AM #
Their troubles started after they thought they were in the clear. A routine check-in with their home base on Long Island brought bad news...

11:08 AM #
A huge storm--almost certainly the same one that we felt out here a few weeks ago--was hitting Long Island pretty hard. Things went bad fast

11:11 AM #
To explain how, I have to back up a bit. A couple years ago, we'd heard that Long Island was the only known large safe zone in the northeast

11:14 AM #
With millions of zombies in Manhattan and other large concentrations of undead nearby, Long Island's defenders built a network of barriers.

11:17 AM #
They turned Long Island into a honeycomb of independent, walled-off cells, each overcrowded with survivors. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

11:20 AM #
It was a smart strategy. When inevitable zombie outbreaks occurred, only a few of the really big ones jeopardized the entire island.

11:23 AM #
By the third anniversary of Z-day, there were still a half-dozen very well-fortified population centers scattered around the perimeter.

11:26 AM #
They had even begun reconnecting human-held cells by clearing zombies from lost zones. They felt the liberation of Long Island was at hand.

11:29 AM #
That was the status of things when the storm hit. The check-in radio call brought news of massive damage from the storm. #zompocalypse

11:32 AM #
Long Island's living inhabitants were battened down when it happened, but the zombies weren't. They poured through breached barriers...

11:35 AM #
Outposts at the borders of the human bastions reported the news, but could do little about the undead wave while the storm raged... #zombies

11:38 AM #
The Homeland Security base in Rockaway was coordinating defenses when the check-in call was made. The signal faded as the storm worsened.

11:41 AM #
The expedition broke up at that point. The techs and a skeleton escort group stayed put, allowing the rest to head back quickly. #zombies

11:44 AM #
After two weeks without hearing from their detached escort or Long Island, the techs and their reduced escort, out of supplies, moved on.