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wausauloner - Tue Dec 04 2012

01:47 PM #
I'm in a boat next to a Milwaukee marina. It took awhile to find a site where my mini-anomaly worked. I can't stay here long. Too dangerous.

01:50 PM #
I wouldn't have come this close to downtown at all if it weren't so foggy. I had to travel close to the shore so I wouldn't lose my way.

01:53 PM #
I can hear the moans of countless zombies, hidden just out of sight in the fog. Shorty and I are definitely NOT going ashore here. #zombies

01:56 PM #
I'm heading to St. Francis Seminary, a hidden survivor enclave I visited in my first tour of Wisconsin one year after the zombies rose.

01:59 PM #
Despite promising to make contact once we both found HAM radios, I have not heard from them since my visit. I hope they're OK. #zompocalypse

02:02 PM #
I don't know if I'll be able to tweet from the seminary grounds. I'll have the foul bucket with me in case I do locate a good tower site.