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wausauloner - Tue Dec 18 2012

03:43 AM #
The pulleys we needed were in the museum. The ropes came from a nearby hardware store. We're already bringing up the first survivor!

04:11 AM #
It will take awhile to pull up all the survivors. They're almost straight down, about 1300 feet below us. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:12 AM #
We've pulled up three children and one older adult so far. It will take us most of the day to get everyone else up.

09:14 AM #
We're taking turns at the rope so we can bring up the survivors as fast as we can. One of those we brought up told us what happened here.

09:17 AM #
There were over 600 survivors around Ishpeming, mostly scattered in outposts a safe distance from the city. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

09:20 AM #
That's not bad, considering the population was a little over 6K before the zombies rose. Tho there were over 20K here when the plague hit.

09:23 AM #
It was almost certainly the influx of refugees from larger population centers that brought the zombie plague to Ishpeming that first winter.

09:26 AM #
Despite a well-armed local populace (hunting was even bigger here than it was back home in Wausau, I think), it got bad fast. #zompocalypse

09:29 AM #
Most of the remaining survivors are locals. The refugees were ill-prepared for the swarm of zombies and helped the undead grow their number.

09:32 AM #
Those that didn't die when the undead plague hit Ishpeming had to survive a winter without heat, fuel, or food. Many more died. Some rose.

09:35 AM #
In the last year or so, the survivors here had begun making serious inroads in reclaiming Ishpeming from the dead. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:38 AM #
Scattered groups of survivors coalesced into bigger communities, much as it happened back in Wausau. We have much in common with these folks

09:41 AM #
This mine was a part of that plan. It had been used by a group of survivors as a base, though they mostly stayed above ground.

09:44 AM #
They made the mine--as old and rundown as it was--into a refuge of last resort, though upper levels were used mostly as a huge root cellar.

09:47 AM #
Parts of the mine were too vertical to use, so someone hit upon the idea of turning the easternmost headframe into a pit trap for zombies.

09:50 AM #
The Ishpeming survivors sealed off that portion of the mine, then built their trap. It was designed to make zombies decapitate themselves.

09:53 AM #
It worked automatically after they hooked up a stereo system, some old DJ lights, and a disco ball over the trap. It was like a bug zapper.

09:56 AM #
The trap killed thousands of zombies with no risk to the humans living nearby. Or so they thought. The deep pit below the trap filled up...

09:59 AM #
The Ishpeming survivors intended to turn off their music and lights and clean out the dead-dead corpses. They never got the chance.

10:02 AM #
The survivors here don't know what happened next, but I do. I'll tell them--and you--after a shift at the rope. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse

11:15 AM #
I'm not sure how many other worlds my tweets reach, but if you are receiving this and you live in Ishpeming, Michigan, please pay attention.

11:18 AM #
About 40 months ago, what became known as "The Anomaly," a weakness between worlds, appeared near Wausau, Wisconsin...It brought undeath.

11:21 AM #
Whatever causes the zombie plague came through The Anomaly. We now believe the zombies themselves can form new anomalies to other worlds.

11:24 AM #
It happens when many zombie bodies decompose in a tight space under anaerobic conditions. The flesh turns into a gooey, gelatinous mass...

11:27 AM #
It is used as a growth medium by the zombie organism, which lives within the brains of the dead, to network with other dead brains...

11:30 AM #
The black tendrils that all zombies have growing inside their bodies connect to each other, protected from oxidation by the foul environment

11:33 AM #
Once enough of these connections are made, a secondary anomaly begins to form. It gives off a faint green glow that grows brighter over time

11:36 AM #
Event the smallest anomaly creates a weak portal to other worlds. That's how my tweets get out, from my phone to cell towers on other Earths

11:39 AM #
The pitfall trap the Ishpeming survivors used to kill zombies here inadvertently created an anomaly. It's how you are seeing my tweets now.

11:42 AM #
During a storm, the headframe housing the trap was hit by lightning, something we have seen cause an anomaly to become temporarily energized

11:45 AM #
When that happens, every zombie for miles around heads for the anomaly, adding their bodies to the mass of dead flesh, making it stronger.

11:48 AM #
So despite the sound system and lights being knocked out by the lightning, more and more zombies kept coming to the trap, overwhelming it.

11:51 AM #
The survivors here retreated underground, but many zombies got into the mine. They're still down there, trying to reach prey or the anomaly.

11:54 AM #
So the anomaly is still growing underground. It's already the strongest secondary anomaly I've seen. We aren't sure what will happen next.

11:57 AM #
We think this new anomaly may soon spread the zombie plague to whatever world is on the other side. To another Earth. Yours.

11:59 AM #
We've disrupted other anomalies. I'm not sure we can stop this one. We're trying to come up with ideas while we continue this rescue.

03:45 PM #
We're bringing up the last survivor in the section of the mine reached by the main ventilation shaft. We're tired. Not thinking straight...

03:48 PM #
We were seriously considering using explosives on the zombie bodies forming the anomaly...A bad idea. It took us too long to realize it...

03:51 PM #
We'd probably wouldn't do enough damage to the pile, and might just seal it in from above, making things worse. We need some rest.

04:01 PM #
.@suelder We're limited to what we can scrounge together and/or make homemade on our own. Any suggestions are welcome!

04:16 PM #
.@suelder A survivor here says the pit may have some groundwater seepage in it at the bottom, but not much. It's a big pit of decaying meat.