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wausauloner - Thu Dec 27 2012

09:04 AM #
I'm directly under the cell tower site west of Ishpeming that worked last time I was here...still not getting tweets. Can anybody see this?

09:07 AM #
I only have one bar here now. The anomaly at the mine must have made it easier for the mini-anomaly generated by my bucket to function.

09:10 AM #
@RyanDIngraham Likewise! Any word from your Ishpeming about strange phenomena?

09:20 AM #
I will go ahead and relay what happened at the mine in hopes that these tweets reach the watchers Pete has in the automated DARPA station.

09:23 AM #
18 of us made it out of the mine alive. But it worked! We stopped the new anomaly from coalescing, saving that other world, at least for now

09:26 AM #
The 40 small charges blew as planned, blowing apart the column of putrescent flesh & spilling the goo out into 40 corridors along the shaft.

09:29 AM #
Using the rebreathers, we went back to check after the flames subsided. It was clear we'd done serious damage to the networked zombie brains

09:32 AM #
I was fairly sure of it before we got there. The green glow that permeated the air had faded and my Blackberry had lost all its bars.

09:35 AM #
My Blackberry was only good for a flashlight, which was fortunate because we'd abandoned our gear for speed and the lights were out. #zombie

09:35 AM #
@emmigeek Thanks. I only wish more of us had been so lucky.

09:38 AM #
Re-routing around cave-ins, it took us a day to get out (the charges were small, but all the methane from the anaerobic decomp blew up big).

09:41 AM #
When we got out, we found the blizzard that began before we went into the mine had dumped almost two feet of snow. We weren't going anywhere

09:44 AM #
Stuck there, we kept out of the cold by going back underground to make sure of the budding anomaly's demise. What a mess... #zompocalypse

09:47 AM #
Floor by floor, we spiked all the loose heads and the heads of any zombie that still showed signs of animation. Messy, necessary business.

09:50 AM #
We were joined on day 2 by a few Ishpeming survivors on snowmobiles, returning from the camp where I sent the young, old, and injured...

09:53 AM #
There were fewer than I'd hoped. The new spontaneous form of the zombie plague killed nearly half of them--but none since the anomaly faded.

09:56 AM #
And that's about it, for now. I'll check in again tomorrow. We have to bury our dead, rest, and recover before we move on again. #zombies