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wausauloner - Wed Jan 23 2013

03:11 AM #
Today's search starts out around the two lakes that snug up against Wakefield's formerly populated areas. I'm thinking like a duck driver.

03:14 AM #
If Shawn & his group arrived here late last fall, the lakes might have appealed to them as safe zones where they could float safely at night

03:17 AM #
They might have used their zompocalypse-modded tourist ducks' amphibious capabilities to secure an area adjacent to either lake. #zombies

11:13 AM #
Back at our temporary base after some progress in our search. We smelled smoke on the north side of Sunday Lake. Couldn't find the source.

11:16 AM #
We did find clear evidence of recent human/zombie combat at the lake. The downed zombies were on the ice, buried in snowdrifts.

11:19 AM #
This area gets a lot of snow, so from how little the snow heaped up, I'd say the fight had to happen in the last few weeks. #zompocalypse

11:22 AM #
It looks like the the fight was centered around ice-fishing holes. To me, that's good evidence that the survivors we seek are good people!