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wausauloner - Mon Feb 25 2013

03:29 AM #
Leah's questions, relayed surreptitiously by Tina, have returned to my knowledge of Washington Island, the zombie-free part of Door County.

03:32 AM #
Her latest question is a strange one. She asked if I thought all the survivors on Washington Island were "good" people. --Yes, I suppose so.

06:53 AM #
Tina talked to Leah again. She let her know that yes, I did think the people on Washington Island were "good" people. #zombies #zompocalypse

06:56 AM #
Tina tells me Leah's reaction was disappointment. Tina and I are both confused about that. But now Leah has asked a more telling question:

06:59 AM #
...She's asking if I saw any orphanages on Washington Island. Tina's taking my answer to her now. The short answer is, I did not.

07:02 AM #
Like most survivor communities, family units on Washington Island are not what they were before the zombies rose. Few full families made it.

07:05 AM #
What has sprung up instead is the phenomena of re-combined parts of families. Lots of new marriages & less formal partnerships of all kinds.

07:08 AM #
For the most part, children whose parents didn't survive have been adopted by other adults, usually those who lost their own kids. #zombies

12:20 PM #
Tina talked to Leah again. No new questions. Leah told Tina she needs some time to think. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse