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wausauloner - Fri Apr 05 2013

04:45 AM #
Voting is underway.

08:44 AM #
Well, the vote was a mixed bag. First, the disappointing news: the duck people have decided not to join our alliance at this time. #zombies

08:47 AM #
Most of the ballot measures regarding short- and long-term plans for this group came out with contradictory results that can't all happen.

08:50 AM #
The big news is the vote for leader. There was no clear winner between John, Shawn, and Tina. They've just agreed to become a triumvirate!

08:53 AM #
I don't know how well this will work. At least, with three of them, they won't always find themselves with tied non-decisions.

08:56 AM #
The three co-leaders now have quite a job ahead as they try to sort out the contradictory and messy results of the vote. It won't be easy.

11:15 AM #
We had a zombie sighting on the road leading up to our winter hideaway. It was quietly put down. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse