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wausauloner - Sun Apr 07 2013

08:04 AM #
I spent the morning with a small group hiking down and back up the road that leads from the resort to the zombie-filled lowlands below...

08:07 AM #
We saw several zombies and watched them for awhile before taking them out. Some were heading up the hill, some down. #zompocalypse #zombies

08:10 AM #
A few undead stumbled into the road from the surrounding slopes. They didn't seem to be moving with any sense of purpose.

08:13 AM #
I think I figured out why more zombies have been showing up here at the top, where the road terminates in our Indianhead camp...

08:16 AM #
There's nothing sinister going on. It's happening because wandering zombies tend to follow the path of least resistance as they stumble.

08:19 AM #
The road leading up to Indianhead ski resort meanders through low points, which are now collecting zombies as melting snow frees them.

08:22 AM #
Once the zombies are on the road (where the sun has melted much more snow), most of the zombies follow it downhill--but a few go up-slope.

08:25 AM #
We're definitely going to have to start patrolling the road to keep an unmanageable throng from collecting. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse