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wausauloner - Mon Apr 08 2013

04:28 AM #
After a late night meeting, it's been decided that we can't wait for the sun to clear the roads for us. We'll have to chance using plows.

04:31 AM #
We're going to start with my hybrid Tahoe to keep the noise level down. We want to minimize the number of zombies we attract. #zompocalypse

04:34 AM #
I'm taking a half-dozen fighters armed with bows, spears, and other silent weapons to take out any zombies we encounter.

02:53 PM #
I was able to plow a narrow path down the access road to Hwy 2, then along some back roads to 519, skirting Wakefield & some refugee camps.

02:56 PM #
There were some very deep snowdrifts in some places. It's a good thing I have tire chains. I had to use the gas engine a few times.

02:59 PM #
I made sure to expose at least some pavement along the whole route. The sun hitting it has already helped clear and widen the path. #zombies

03:02 PM #
I don't think the way is clear enough for the duck fleet to leave yet. Shawn is going to try the route tomorrow in the Mallard. #zombies