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wausauloner - Fri Apr 26 2013

05:36 AM #
I've been told more of Evgeny's story. Please bear with me on this...I have to do all the tweets at once because the tower is rather remote.

05:39 AM #
Yesterday, I described how Evgeny's status in the Russian underground got a boost from his actions in the first week after Z-day... #zombies

05:42 AM #
Things changed the night when the undead plague reached his neighborhood. The first infected was his cousin, who'd been exposed in Wausau.

05:45 AM #
Evgeny put a bullet in the head of the thing that had been his cousin, but couldn't prevent the plague from spreading to a crowded home.

05:48 AM #
Evgeny said he expected the worst after the bitten man escaped. He went right to his superiors to report what happened. #zompocalypse

05:51 AM #
As the only member of his crew that didn't die or run away during the looting job that turned bad, Evgeny was escorted up the food chain.

05:54 AM #
He soon found himself talking directly to the local boss of the Russian mob in Chicago. After his report, he was told to stick around.

05:57 AM #
At the time, Evgeny was the only person in the neighborhood who'd seen one of the undead up close. Putting it down proved his mettle.

06:01 AM #
His neighborhood could have used that mettle a few hours later when early risers were attacked by zombies streaming from an overcrowded home

06:03 AM #
Instead, Evgeny was kept near his new boss, part of a cadre of gunmen who never got into the battle that raged outside their secure HQ.

06:06 AM #
In fact, none of the neighborhood's "protectors" were there to stop the dead from killing and spreading the zombie plague. All were busy.

06:09 AM #
Some were loading up supplies into a secret convoy. Others were retrieving VIPs who were not at the criminals' base. They were bugging out.

06:12 AM #
Evgeny spent a lot of time describing the preparations for the bug-out. His questioners figured he was avoiding moving on with his story.

06:15 AM #
When he continued with the narrative of what happened that day in Chicago, his tone changed. There was less pride, more detachment. #zombies

06:18 AM #
This battery is running low and my backup isn't done charging, so I'll pick up the story there tomorrow. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse