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wausauloner - Mon Apr 29 2013

06:12 AM #
Found a Blackberry battery yesterday. It's on the solar charger I brought with me to Washington Island. Back to Evgeny's story. #zombie

06:15 AM #
Evgeny had just heard the rumor that Chicago was going to be nuked in an attempt to stop the zombie plague. Both would soon spread quickly.

06:18 AM #
The man he suddenly found himself guarding must have known for some time; The escape convoy was just about ready to break out. #zompocalypse

06:21 AM #
The convoy left as the battle outside the secure HQ turned completely to the undead. The vehicles smashed thru the dead and the living alike

06:24 AM #
Evgeny's neighborhood was lost to the undead. The convoy drove thru a barricade to escape, letting a stream of zombies out to infect others.

06:27 AM #
Evgeny, riding with his new boss, was told that letting the plague spread wouldn't matter--Chicago would be aflame in just a few hours.

06:30 AM #
We know now that that's not what happened. Chicago was not nuked. But the panic Evgeny saw helped spread the zombie plague. #zompocalypse