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wausauloner - Sat May 11 2013

11:01 AM #
Before my Blackberry's battery ran out yesterday, I was about to tell you about the way the final zombie plague outbreak in Door County hit.

11:03 AM #
Evgeny had just returned from a supply run into zombie-held territory. He made a radio call to his boss from the boat as it reached the dock

11:06 AM #
He was just barely in radio range, but he called earlier than normal because he heard static bursts a few times as he entered the Egg Harbor

11:09 AM #
It turned out those bursts of static were attempts by his boss to reach him. The boss, his wife, & young Aiden were trapped by the outbreak

11:12 AM #
The outbreak had exploded quickly that night. It had begun near the boss' luxury quarters around midnight during a noisy storm, then spread.

11:15 AM #
The noise kept warning from spreading much faster than the undead. It caught several refugee centers, expanding the number of undead quickly

11:18 AM #
Already, Egg Harbor, several miles from the outbreak's origin, was under siege. Evgeny's boss ordered him and his companion to come get him.

11:21 AM #
But at that very moment, a wave of people fleeing the dead came down the hill to the Egg Harbor docks. Evgeny & his companion made a choice.

11:24 AM #
They dumped their hard-won cargo overboard and took on as many survivors as they could, fighting off the dead pursuing them. #zompocalypse

11:27 AM #
They took the survivors to a small island a few miles to the northwest, then repeated the trip several more times as dawn broke. #zombies