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wausauloner - Thu May 30 2013

12:01 PM #
I was curious about how Evgeny was fitting in out at The Farm Colonies so I tracked him down when I was out there a couple days ago.

12:04 PM #
Despite his criminal past (and the fact that everybody knows he's a second-chancer), he seems to be settling into his new situation. #zombie

12:07 PM #
Like all second-chancers and new refugees, he is starting out in low-security work groups. His team leader says he's a good worker. #zombies

12:10 PM #
Evgeny's been out in the fields. He has a fishing rotation coming up, which I think he knows more about after his time on Washington Island.

12:13 PM #
I think Evgeny is best suited to (and will return to) the hard, dangerous work of scrounging and zombie-clearing after his probation ends.