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wausauloner - Fri Jun 07 2013

06:10 AM #
I'm taking one of the birds we got yesterday to Ruth. I haven't seen her in many months. She still lives alone on the east side of Wausau.

07:51 AM #
I'm at Ruth's place. I rode a bike out here. Shorty ran along side. We avoided getting close to any of the zombies we saw. #zompocalypse

07:54 AM #
Ruth is doing well. She's a tough old lady, and proudly says so. She's tired of squirrel and is looking forward to roast pheasant. #zombies

09:43 AM #
Ruth has fixed up the extra blocks we secured around her home last year. She has a lot of gardens going. She gave me a tour. #zompocalypse

09:46 AM #
The mixture of fences, walls, & blocked-off homes around her original block keeps the zombies out as long as she keeps a low profile inside.

09:49 AM #
She went through all the homes carefully to find anything of value. She says she has a surprise for me later at dinnertime. #zompocalypse

12:34 PM #
Wow...Ruth has made an amazing meal out of this pheasant. Lots of veggies & taters, some rice, and seasonings. No sign of that surprise yet.

12:41 PM #
I tweeted too soon! Ruth has given me a can of mandarin oranges she found. The seal is good! Man, I've missed these. #zombie #zombies

12:49 PM #
Ruth pulled out another surprise: A bottle of Jack Daniels. I was always into beer more than liquor when both were easy to get, but I'm in.

04:01 PM #
This woman is drinking me under the table.