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wausauloner - Wed Jun 12 2013

02:27 AM #
Jason woke me up. To say he's eager to get going would be an understatement. He went off to feed that old gray cat before we head out.

02:30 AM #
We're going to take bikes for part of the trip. Then Jason, Shorty, and I will go on foot when it's time to be sneaky. #zombie #zompocalypse

02:33 AM #
We don't have any particular mission. The regular scrounge teams have been doing a good job of getting what people need from abandoned areas

02:36 AM #
However, I do want to do some poking around in places the scroungers tend to avoid. I want to get a fresh look at some zombie hotspots.

02:39 AM #
Jason doesn't care where we go as long as he gets to show off his zombie-killing skills. He's only 14 and he's probably the best there is.

02:42 AM #
We found him in the summer of 2011, almost two years after the zombies rose. He had survived on his own, for the most part, until then.

02:45 AM #
At first, he lived with his home-bound father, who taught Jason what he needed to do to survive. He went kind of feral after his dad died.

02:48 AM #
After nearly two years in the Farm Colonies, Jason goes to school with other kids his age and is re-integrating into what passes for society

02:51 AM #
Time to go. Our first stop is Rib Mountain Drive. We want to get a look at the horde outside WalMart. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

04:46 AM #
Jason and I are atop Tires Plus, my old surveillance spot for watching the zombie horde outside WalMart. It's much smaller than before.

04:48 AM #
Despite all the things that have lured away some of the undead from around the building, enough always stay behind to rebuild the crowd.

04:51 AM #
The dead seem to be drawn by crowds. I think they get excited that prey might be nearby if they see a group of others of their kind.

04:54 AM #
There are a couple of cell phone stores nearby. We're going to see if we can get inside one and find some batteries for my Blackberry.

07:02 AM #
Taking a breather. We snuck into the abandoned Verizon store off Rib Mountain Drive. It was far enough from the WalMart horde. #zompocalypse

07:04 AM #
There were still a lot of zombies in the area. I used my bow to whittle down the numbers, then Jason waded in with his trusty old hatchet.

07:07 AM #
We used the bulk of the building to mask our presence from others nearby, making sure all within sight were unaware when we went in. #zombie

07:10 AM #
I stuffed my pockets with batteries that fit my phone, ripping open clamshell packages and the back of every dusty Blackberry I could find.

07:13 AM #
I found some old UPS boxes that might have held more. They were dated 10/29/2009. Probably the store's last inventory shipment. #zombies

07:16 AM #
I got all I could safely carry so I'll have to remember to go back there when I need more new batteries again. #zombies #zompocalypse

07:19 AM #
Right now, we're in a garage a couple blocks west of the store with our stashed bikes. Next stop: downtown. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

08:11 AM #
Pausing on the 17th Avenue Bridge to give Shorty a chance to catch her breath. I told Jason about seeing that zombie ex-cop here last time.

08:14 AM #
I think Jason understood why I took the trouble to burn the former officer's body.

12:21 PM #
We have a problem. We got too confident and decided to climb one of the barricades and see what was in the Wausau Center Mall...

12:24 PM #
At first, we didn't see more than a couple zombies and thought we could handle them. But it seemed two showed up for every one we downed.

12:27 PM #
We bailed just in time and made it back over the barricade, trailing a growing posse of zombies behind us as we ran. #zombies #zompocalypse

12:30 PM #
We found shelter in a mail truck behind the downtown post office. The zombies following us are outside, but they don't know we're in here.

12:33 PM #
We're going to wait in here until things cool off outside. I'm resigned to staying the night. We have enough food and water in our packs.

04:53 PM #
Still many zombies outside. Jason wanted to go out and fight them. I didn't want to take the chance so I made a deal with him. #zombies

04:56 PM #
The deal? I told him we'd spend a second full day together. It should be easier for us to get past the zombies that remain here tomorrow.