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wausauloner - Sat Jul 06 2013

03:52 AM #
I'm going out with a team from Fort NTC today. It's part of the plan Pete and I came up with where I rotate working with different groups.

05:11 AM #
Fort NTC has a good handle on what's happening on the North side of Wausau, around Brokaw, and points between #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

05:14 AM #
Like other groups in our alliance, they'd be farther along with other missions if defending ourselves from the cultists wasn't the priority.

05:17 AM #
Still, they've made a lot of headway in enlarging their safe zone and clearing zombies. They also have one unusual, persistent problem...

05:20 AM #'s rats. Somehow, the rat population has always been more of a problem up there. So they keep chasing down and destroying colonies.

05:23 AM #
They're more than a nuisance, even relative to the zombies. Those rats will eat the food we need for winter, spread disease... #zompocalypse

05:26 AM #
So today we're checking out some possible colony sites and bringing in some special "weaponry" to deal with them. #zombies #zompocalypse

07:02 AM #
I brought Shorty along today. As far as dogs go, she's second-tier for purposes of this mission. Today, the rat terriers are the stars.

07:05 AM #
The rat terriers are helping us track the vermin and they've gone after a few we've already found. Shorty's focus has always been zombies.

10:31 AM #
We found a fat, bloated zombie near a storm sewer outlet on the west side of the river near Bridge Street. It was feeding on rats. #zombie

10:33 AM #
There were bits and pieces of rat bodies scattered around it. Some fresh, some older, and some just about completely dried up. #zompocalypse

10:36 AM #
The zombie fed on so many rats that it could no longer get up on its damaged, decaying legs. It ate itself into a state of immobility.

10:39 AM #
The rats got their revenge: The zombie's fingers were so badly scratched & bit up by tiny rat claws & teeth that the digits were falling off

04:03 PM #
Back at Fort NTC, where I'll be staying the night. We took out the rat colonies we found with some homemade, heavier-than-air poison gas.

04:06 PM #
Unfortunately, they were all small colonies. Killing those rats is only enough to slow the spread of them. We're heading back out tomorrow.

04:09 PM #
We know we eventually will have to clear them from the storm sewers. It's probably where they survive the winter. Another long-term project.