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wausauloner - Wed Jul 10 2013

08:24 AM #
Stopping by the tower site again during a salvage trip with Shawn and a few others. We're moving around using one of the modded tour ducks.

08:27 AM #
We're hitting all the boating and marine supply stores we can find. This area used to be an outdoor recreation hotspot before the zombies.

08:30 AM #
We're scrounging up gear for the zompocalypse-modded tour ducks that Shawn's people travel in. Things have worn out and need replacing.

08:33 AM #
The boat and marine stores weren't heavily looted in the first days after the zombies rose, but the stuff in them sure is useful now.

08:36 AM #
We aren't finding zombies inside the stores. Our challenge is navigating the dangerous streets between them. We're sneaky when possible.

08:39 AM #
Unfortunately, while these amphibious ducks are versatile, they're not very quiet. We have to park some distance away and move in on foot.

08:42 AM #
We bypassed a few stores in dangerous areas, all also located on water, for tomorrow. We're going to approach them using an inflatable raft.

08:45 AM #
Shawn and the others are just about done repairing some anti-boarding nets that were torn up when we hit a crowd of zombies outside Minocqua