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wausauloner - Fri Jul 19 2013

06:12 AM #
We found a good place to dam up the river out of Minocqua so we can refill the lakes and use the ducks to do some more salvaging. #zombies

06:15 AM #
There wasn't nearly as much damage to the Minocqua dam as we've seen at dams on the Wisconsin River. Just a minor washout. #zompocalypse

06:18 AM #
The current is slower so the fix will be easier, though refilling Minocqua Lake will be slow too. Fortunately, it never drained completely.

06:21 AM #
We expect to find a lot of useful salvage in Minocqua. We know the place fell to the zombies quickly, the result of a flood of Zday refugees

06:24 AM #
The Tesomas survivors have only been able to make salvage runs to areas far from Minocqua's central island, currently surrounded by mud.

06:27 AM #
Somebody, probably shortly after Z-day, blew up the bridges leading to Minocqua proper. It didn't save the town. #zompocalypse. #zombies