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wausauloner - Mon Jul 22 2013

05:01 AM #
It's been days since we heard one of the coded broadcasts we attribute to the Rapture's Reapers cultists. Have they stopped sending them?

05:04 AM #
It's also possible that we're just missing them. They're short, and the fact that the frequencies change mid-cast makes them hard to catch.

05:07 AM #
In other news, Shawn has become obsessed with finding the secret stash of supplies he is sure John is hording somewhere. #zompocalypse

05:10 AM #
He had to be rescued by a Tesomas anti-zombie patrol out in the bog where Stuck Chuck and Muddy Bud still reside. #zombie #zombies

05:13 AM #
Shawn found an old jon boat by the bog and was sure John had used it to submerge watertight containers of missing supplies. #zompocalypse

05:16 AM #
He didn't know it, but the boat was there to take less experienced survivors out to see Stuck Chuck and Muddy Bud. #zombie #zompocalypse

05:19 AM #
I should backtrack. Years ago, a zombie fell through the ice and became stuck in the muck of a small bog on the Camp Tesomas grounds...

05:22 AM #
A second zombie, this one a crawler, was attracted by the noise the first zombie made. It also ended up in the murky water. #zompocalypse

05:25 AM #
Some kids found the two zombies. They, and others that followed, got over some of their fears of the dead through visits to the bog. #zombie

05:28 AM #
The first zombie became known as Stuck Chuck, since he couldn't get out or harm those who came to see him, despite his constant struggles.

05:31 AM #
The second zombie was nicknamed Muddy Bud. He's almost never seen because he can't reach the surface of the water. He's invisible in the bog

05:34 AM #
Tesomas residents have left the two zombies in place, making them a reminder to less experienced survivors of the dangers zombies represent.

05:37 AM #
Stuck Chuck shows how the zombies are dumb. Muddy Bud, hidden in the dark water, teaches the lesson that the zombies are always dangerous.

05:40 AM #
Well, it's been a couple of years since Stuck Chuck and Muddy Bud were visited regularly and apparently Stuck Chuck fell into the water.

05:43 AM #
Shawn took the jon boat out onto the water and was probing around in it with a stick, hoping to find something John hid under the surface.

05:46 AM #
He didn't find any submerged contraband, but he did poke Stuck Chuck, who promptly straightened up out of the water and lunged at Shawn.

05:49 AM #
Shawn was nearly pulled into the bog. He lost his stick and oars in the encounter. He was stranded on the water until a patrol found him.

05:52 AM #
Shawn was pretty embarrassed by it all. John has been gloating. Funny thing is, he seems pretty self-satisfied about Shawn's failed searches