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wausauloner - Wed Jul 31 2013

08:52 AM #
Shawn's duck is getting new tires today so I went with John to go check out how the water is rising around Minocqua's central island.

08:55 AM #
John and I agree that the water needs to be near pre-zompocalypse levels before our clearing operation can safely get started. #zompocalypse

08:58 AM #
Unless we get more rain, it will still take several days for that to happen. Until then, we're scouting around in the ducks, making plans.

09:02 AM #
John let me drive his duck for awhile while he scanned the shoreline. Some of the boats tied to some of the longer docks are floating again.

09:04 AM #
I moved us in too close near one of the old lake-side bars. Some undead reached up out of the water and tried to get into the duck. #zombies

09:07 AM #
The anti-boarding netting kept them out, but enough climbed up it that we almost started to take on water. We shot them and pushed them off.

09:10 AM #
The experience underscored the need to let the water rise--and make sure we guard the shore when we clear the island. #zombie #zompocalypse